We'll Get There

by Spider Mansion

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thisoneisbroken less guitars. more piano. level up. Favorite track: On Your Street In The Middle of The Night.
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papersky Really original, well done emo rock. The addition of the piano makes it all the more unique. Favorite track: Four Times In One Week.
Cem Ozer
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Cem Ozer Just listened to We'll Get There for the first time today and it sounds super good! Spider Mansion has upped his game Favorite track: Which Sucks Cause I Really Liked That Record.
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released August 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Spider Mansion Racine, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Root River
Born from the wreckage of a sun-kissed love
tracing Highway 20 west for six whole months
Dead on the gravel, two summers late
But I said that we'll get there, and I mean what I say
Track Name: Four Times In One Week
The sun sets in the windows of the hospital
Every night I watch it play out its slow ritard
And as it waves goodbye, it reflects in the puddles on the street
From the April rain that's been falling over Racine

And I'm searching every nook and space, for someone to blame for my lack of evolution.

I don't know where you are or how you are
Cause I'm too caught up in making up for all the lost time
That I threw down the sewer drain outside my old house on Holiday Drive

It might not be beautiful, but it's all I've got.
Track Name: Janesville From Space
Crazy Wednesday - I think I've lost my way
I moved, and when I came back, there was nothing left for me
I spend the 3am hour every night up by myself
Staring at the cold wood floor where your footsteps walked last year

And now in order to do what I have to, I've got to be a new man.

And I have no idea where to start.
Track Name: On Your Street In The Middle of The Night
On your street in the middle of the night
The houses stand so tall like mountains surrounding a stagnant river, or a lake, as I walk out to my car to drive home.

And inside, you're already fast asleep as I face the road and I know that the following year will bring us so low.

But in this moment I feel more than complete.
Track Name: Which Sucks Cause I Really Liked That Record
Every year about the time the snow starts melting, I feel the same way
Like that State Lines record that will probably always mean drives back and forth from your school to me.
I'm between coffee cups, I won't sell "youth" to "grow up" but I promise
our paths will cross again someday.